Cellular Biophysics - Mechanics 
of Living Systems

Bio-Nanorobotics Group is regarded as the interface the cell cellular physical science and engineering, while also inherently integrating the biological process engineering. We are targeted to developing and applying bioprocess analysis, fluidic, bio/nano and biomechatronics technologies to address questions in biological and biomaterials engineering. Plus, figuring out biological engineering systems, so-called here biosystems engineering, covering the theories and techniques of physics, bio-kinetics, and biomechanics is the main goal of biophysics & biological engineering. State of the art advanced toolkits allow us to gather large-scale quantitative data about complex systems and apply to the study of fundamental biological nanoplatforms or nanobiosensing. Alternatively, unique phenomena at the micro and nano length scale like enhanced surface influences and transport phenomena could be exploited in designing novel techniques and devices. There are lots of opportunities (you) for engineering toolkits with a solid understanding of the engineering basis of the life processes, and of the biophysics and bioengineering underpinning the new generation of biological instrumentation.  

Agriculture byproducts: cellulose 

Functional food biomaterials 

Cow-free burger: 3D printing 

Microfluidics technology


Bioinspired biomimic engineering 

Tissue engineering


Biomedical engineering

We Are

 rooted in a multi-disciplinary approach to develop research tools enabling novel measurement potentials relevant to mechanical engineering and biological science, with emphasis on implementing these capabilities in an automated reactor systems, integrated microsystems, as well as noninvasive measurement monitoring systems for stem cells or portable applications. We use these advanced tools that's at the cutting edge of biosystems and mechanical, physical, and bio/nano-technology modes of thinking to address research problems in the biological and agricultural engineering.

BBEG Prgrams (Academic description) opened brand new for Biophysics and Biological Engineering are as following:

* for undergraduate student

 - Engineering Biology and Lab. (settled) to First Semester, Sophomore Year

 - Biological Mechanics and Lab. (settled) to First Semester, Junior Year

 - Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering (settled) to Second Semester, Junior Year

 - Biological Materials Science and Engineering (settled) to Second Semester, Senior Year

* for graduate student

 - Topics in Biological Mechanics (settled)

 - Topics in Material Engineering for Biological Application (settled)

 - Topics in Biological and Process Engineering (settled)

 - Topics in Biodynamics (pending)

 - Topics in Biophysics (pending)


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