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  • Lim biorobotics group can be regarded as the interface cellular physical sciences and biosystems engineering while also inherently integrating biological engineering.

  • We are targeted at developing and applying bioprocess analysis, fluidic, bio/nano, and biomechatronics technologies to address subtle questions in biological and biomaterials engineering. State-of-the-art advanced toolkits allow us to gather large-scale quantitative data about complex systems and apply it to the study of fundamental biological nanoplatforms or nanobiosensing.

  • Alternatively, unique phenomena at the micro and nano length scale-like enhanced surface influences and transport phenomena could be exploited in designing novel techniques and devices. 

  • There are lots of opportunities (you) for engineering toolkits with a solid understanding of the engineering basis of the life processes, and of the biophysics and bioengineering underpinning the new generation of bio-instrumentation.  

Tissue Engineering

Bioprinting, Biomaterials, Regenerative Medicine,
Stem cells


Pathogenic detection,
Three-dimensional printing, Functional nanoparticles


Bioreactors, Lab-on-a chip, Single-cell analysis, Disposable sensor channel platforms

Nanorobotics in Human Health

Triggering ON/OFF biological clock, Regulating cell-cycles, Controlling tissue regeneration

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