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  1. Biomaterials and Bioengineering
    Ki-Taek Lim
    ; Sayan Deb Dutta; Keya Ganguly
    Elsevier 2024. 12   
    (In preparation)


  1. Nanorobotics and nanodiagnostics in integrative biology and biomedicine
    Ki-Taek Lim
    *; Kamel Elsalam
    Springer 2023. 01  

    ISBN: 978-3-031-16083-7

    Contributed chapter

    • Chapter 1 - Nanorobotics and nanodiagnostics in integrative biology and biomedicine: a note from the editors
      Ki-Taek Lim*


    • Chapter 3 - Biomolecule-based nanorobot for targeted delivery of therapeutics
      Keya Ganguly; Sayan Deb Dutta; Dinesh K. Patel; Tejal V. Patil; Rachmi Luthfikasari; Ki-Taek Lim*


    • Chapter 4 - Printable nanorobots and microswimmers for therapeutic advancement: present status and future opportunities
      Sayan Deb Dutta; Keya Ganguly; Dinesh K. Patel; Tejal V. Patil; Rachmi Luthfikasari; Ki-Taek Lim*


    • Chapter 5 - Fundamental in polymer-/nanohybrid-based nanorobotics for theranostics
      Tejal V. Patil; Ki-Taek Lim*

    • Chapter 7 - Photothermal nanomaterials for wound monitoring and cancer biomedicine
      Ashwini Shinde, Kavitha Illath, Sayan Deb Dutta, Ki-Taek Lim, and Tuhin Subhra Santra


    • Chapter 8 - Polymer nanohybrid-based smart platforms for controlled delivery and wound management
      Dinesh K. Patel; Tejal V. Patil; Sayan Deb Dutta; Keya Ganguly; Rachmi Luthfikasari; Ki-Taek Lim*


    • Chapter 11 - Microfluidics and lab-on-a-chip for biomedical applications
      Dinesh K. Patel; Maria Espinal; Tejal V. Patil; Sayan Deb Dutta; Keya Ganguly; Rachmi Luthfikasari; Ki-Taek Lim*


    • Chapter 12 - Lab-on-a-chip devices for medical diagnosis II: strategies for pathogen detection
      Rachmi Luthfikasari; Tejal V. Patil; Dinesh K. Patel; Keya Ganguly; Sayan Deb Dutta; Ki-Taek Lim*


  1. ​Handbook of single-cell technologies
    Tuhin Santra; Fan-Gang Tseng
    Springer 2022. 01  
    ISBN: 978-981-10-8952-7

    Contributed chapter

Handbook of single-cell technologies.JPG


  1. ​CRISPR and RNAi Systems: Nanobiotechnology Approaches to Plant Breeding and Protection
    Kamel Elsalam; Ki-Taek Lim*
    Elsevier 2021. 01  
    ISBN: 978-0-12-821910-2


  2. Functionalized Polymers Synthesis, Characterization and Applications
    Narendra Pal Singh Chauhan
    CRC Press, Taylor & Francis 2021.05
    ISBN: 9780367821913

    Contributed chapter

    • Chapter 4 - Biodegradable Polymers
      Sayan Deb Dutta; Ki-Taek Lim*


    • Chapter 6 - Functional Proteins
      Keya Ganguly; Ki-Taek Lim*

    • Chapter 14 - Stimuli-responsive Polymers and Their Biomedical Applications
      Dinesh K. Patel; Ki-Taek Lim

  3. Multifunctional hybrid nanomaterials for sustainable agrifood and ecosystems
    Kamel Elsalam
    Elsevier 2021
    ISBN: 978-0-12-821354-4

    Contributed chapter

  4. Aquananotechnology: applications of nanomaterials for water purification
    Kamel Elsalam
    Elsevier 2021
    ISBN: 9780128211410

    Contributed chapter


2020​ Previous

  1. Soft Matter and Biomaterials on the Nanoscale (World Scientific Series in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2020)
    Engineering Cell–Graphene Interface for Controlling Stem Cell Behavior


  2. Srikanth Sivaraman, Arvind Sinha, Ki-Taek Lim, Jin-Woo Kim, Raj Rao, Hanna Jensen, 2019. Nanotechnology Characterization Tools for Tissue Engineering and Medical Therapy. Nanotechnology-Based Stem Cell Tissue Engineering with a Focus on Regeneration of Cardiovascular Systems. pp 1-67. (Approved by Springer)

  3. S. Park, H. Seonwoo, K.T. Lim, S. Park, D. Lee, D. Kim, W.C. Kim, J.H. Chung, J. Kim. Engineering cell-graphene interface for controlling stem cell behavior. Nanoscale Soft Materials in Nano/Bio Medicine (in press). 

  4. Jong Hoon Chung, Pill-Hoon Choung, Ki-Taek Lim and Han-Wool Choung. Vol. 5, 2012, pp 161er. 2.  Scaffolds for Human Dental Stem Cells to regenerate Cementum, Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Springer (ISBN: 978-94-007-2900-1)

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